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Welcome, I'm Ian and this is my website offering premium domains and specialising in Global domains since 2014

Overtime I have watch the Internet evolve into a very important requirement in most of our lives.


Many of us could not imagine the pace of change in the digital world and how much we are now all relying on the Internet functionality.



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Here are some of my highly brandable domains 

Website Branding  & Identity

A domain name is the identity of a website and everyone is unique, some names are more disarable than other, so hence they are more expencive to buy.

Below I share the basic the key requirements that make a disirable domain name.

I was excited to add Meat.Global to my portfolio as it has good valuations with Go Daddy and D.Global along with fact many of the main extentions are already regstered.


Thsis domain appreciates in its valuation every year according to Go Daddy.

Womens poker has a huge following and I see this domain as a strong player.


The buzz word in tectnology is Connectivity and this domain offers Global authority along with being the major focus in current digital demands

What I recommend and Why

Over time I have built up a portfolio of domain names that are generally spacific to a Industry, product or service.

Below is my views on the future trend in domain extentions and their disarability.


As we see Obesity related problems exccalating in many countries all over the world, this domain has huge potentual to become a leading authority in Obesity solutions.


This Global domain offers numeric and brand awareness in its makeup.

Within two weeks of registering offers were made for this domain.


Recently aquire, this strong four charater domain has endless possabiliies.

Visit to make an offer

My Process for aquiring premium domains


My passion is finding domin names that are associated to future demands and are aligned with trending Industries, products and services


The look and feel of the domain name is highly important, I visualise the name on clothing and building’s to capture easy recogition and is easy to remember

Short is Sweet

Ideally the rule for any domain is no more than 15 charaters, however there are some instances were some longer domains have proved succesful.

Incubate the awareness

I thnk a premium domain is like a fine wine, as it matures it becomes more valuable, the more options a names offers gives it a wider audience to sell to.

Featured Work

Website opportunities

Pet Insurance has world wide requirements.

I added Petinsurance.Global to my portfolio as it offers many possibities in the Insurance industry.

Website Development


Website Architecture


We now have Hugh potential to communicate to the online audience and clarity is a vital part of the message you deliver.


 Planning and preparing your online strategy starts with a highly memorable name and this is were my expertise in building a portfolio that matures in time to deliver marketing benefits to any business or industry specific.


Global domains

Global domains offer a great opportunity of future businesses

Domains in Portfolio

Global domains in my portfolio

Category's & Industries


  • Beauty.
  • Finance.
  • Crypto.
  • Property.
  • Pets


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